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Updated Masking Information

Posted Date: 04/27/2021

Updated Masking Information

WISD Masking Information Revised April 26, 2021

On Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, Governor Abbott, through Executive Order-GA34, authorized local school boards to determine whether its schools would utilize masking as a means of mitigating the spread of COVID-19. On Monday April 26, 2021, during its regular meeting, the WISD School Board voted to make masking optional for all students and employees, effective Monday, May 17th .

Here’s what this decision means for you:  

  • Masks will be a matter of personal choice for employees and students beginning May 17th
  • Daily self-screening for COVID-19 symptoms is still required for all employees and students 
  • Employees and students remain subject to existing requirements for self-reporting and quarantining
  • The current TEA definition of “close contact” remains in effect and is enforceable for all employees and students
  • Students required to quarantine will be allowed to attend school remotely
  • The District will continue to provide notice to parents of known positive COVID-19 cases and to monitor data associated with case prevalence 
  • The District will continue to provide hand sanitizer and maintain existing cleaning protocols 
  • To the extent possible, schools will continue to exercise social distancing practices at lunch, common areas and in the classroom in order to reduce the likelihood that students meet the close contact definition 
  • Buses will open windows to allow for improved air circulation while in transit 
  • Indoor school visits will continue to be restricted to only those essential to school operations 
  • To the extent possible, principals will provide events for end-of year celebrations that can be held outdoors to accommodate family attendance 
  • TEA requires that screening protocols be in place for entrance into all WISD sponsored events 
  • Medically fragile students may submit a waiver with accompanying medical documentation to opt in to the At-Home learning platform for the remainder of the school year, if they so choose

This communication is not meant as a complete listing of all TEA requirements, but rather as a quick FAQ reference. For complete information on Public Health Guidance provided from the Texas Education Agency, please click here.