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iPad Resources


The following links/tips will give parents information on how to help their children become strong DIGITIAL CITIZENS. These links will provide parents with iPad tips and tricks. You will find information on iPad time managemnet, age-approrpriate apps, and how to navigate through the many components of your device.



Click here for tips on Managing Screen Time:

  • Designate a specific area for your child to do their homework      
  • Designate a specific area for charging devices
  • Don't let your child take their device to bed with them
  • Designate a "no technology" time for your family

Click Here for Guided Access:

  • Disables certain controls within an app
  • Helps child stay on task 
  • Require a password to turn off Guided Access 

Click Here for Common Sense Media:

  • Connecting families
  • Digital Citizenship
  • 1:1 Essentials
  • App ratings

Click Here to Troubleshoot Parent Concerns:

  • Communicate with your child's teacher
  • Set limits
  • Stay up to date on the latest trends