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Welcome to Warren Independent School District!  We are glad you’re here!  You are in a place where our focus is on “Each Child, Each Day, In Every Way!”  Here in WISD, we care deeply about each other and about student achievement. The focal point of our work is outlined in our Mission and Vision for the district:

Mission Statement:

Warren ISD exists to cultivate each child’s full potential, ultimately developing future-ready young adults.

Vision Statement:

We envision schools where the focus of what we teach and how we teach is on creating engaging, intellectual student work that results in students who are dependable, who can think independently, collaborate, analyze, communicate, adapt, create, and persevere.

We pledge our commitment to continuous improvement through high quality, daily interactions with students, colleagues and parents.  We aim to provide relevant and meaningful learning experiences for all students. Our leaders, faculty and staff dedicate significant amounts of time to developing and refining learning experiences for students that focus on application of foundational skills versus repetition of information and knowledge. This type of teaching and learning is meaningful and exciting for our students and staff and results in student growth. We are also committed to early intervention on behalf of our students and pledge to do whatever it takes to put our students and their needs first!

Collectively, the district is called upon to create an educational experience designed to meet the needs of all learners, preparing each for the 21st century. The school and parent partnership play a vital role in this preparation! Your encouragement and support of your student’s educational journey are paramount to achieving student success. This goal will continue to be one of the highest priorities of the district and the school board.

Looking ahead, I have complete confidence that with leadership and teaching that is responsive and progressive, combined with family support… we will maintain sound practices, inspire each other, build support, and most importantly, continue to cultivate positive student learning experiences that prepare future-ready graduates. Please partner with us and get involved as much as you can in order to help our students achieve. We need you!

Again, I would like to thank you for helping create a positive educational atmosphere in WISD and I look forward to sharing much more success in the future!

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