Our mission is to provide safe, timely and efficient transportation for the students of our district and we work very hard to make that happen.  We have a great staff of personnel who work tirelessly to make sure that we can accomplish our mission.  

Since our drivers are the first and last school representatives to interact with your child every day, our role is that they start and end their day in a positive way. We try to instill in all of our personnel that we are all about the children and fostering a positive attitude within them about the importance of a good education. We also have well-trained maintenance staff that make sure our buses are in good working condition prior to transporting your kids. 

We look forward to serving you throughout the school year.      

We drive the future.

Mr. Burke Dagle

Director of Operations
409-547-2249 Ext. 166
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Mary Lou Elmer

Operations Secretary 
409-547-2249 Ext. 151
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